Friday, September 22, 2017

What Hollywood Doesn't Want You To Know!

Native Americans Owned Black Slaves And Fought Hard To Keep Them

Native Americans Owned Black Slaves And Fought Hard To Keep Them

Native Americans Owned Black Slaves And Fought Hard To Keep Them

Native Americans Owned Black Slaves And Fought Hard To Keep Them

Ghanaian Author Speaks On How The Arab Slave Trade Has Been Ignored And ...

The Hidden History Of Black Castration

West Africans and Arab Muslims Played Major Role In Slave Trade

The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democratic Party (Part-1) ...

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Debate on Saul Alinsky

Hillary Clinton: there's a 'game that keeps women in their place' | US news | The Guardian

Hillary Clinton: there's a 'game that keeps women in their place' | US news | The Guardian

Ethics: What Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want You to Be Aware of 

Hillary would have you conclude that her loss in this last presidential election resulted on account of, in part to misogynistic attitudes in the US population.

The truth is that if a conservative woman had been nominated to run as the Republican Presidential candidate AND if not, Hillary Clinton, but rather Senator Tim Kaine, had been the Democratic Party nominee -- I would have voted for the woman candidate because her values were closer to my values as a conservative Republican voter.

When the late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher first won her position in 1979, I was 20 or 21 years old.  Had I been a British citizen and not an American citizen then, I would have voted for her and not for anyone in the Labor Party, male or female.

How many Caucasian women, including real feminists and not feminazis, who even voted for Barack Obama, voted in this election for Donald Trump despite Hillary being one of the two choices?  

In the end, the decision of whom to vote for in this latest Presidential election hinged not on gender, as Hillary Clinton would have you believe, but rather on the values of each of the candidates and the positions held.

For me as a voter, anyone with the valueless creeds that Hillary is famous for, EITHER MALE OR FEMALE, is totally unacceptable as US President. 

If you believe that Hillary came closer to your political set of beliefs and whose vision for the country's direction was closer to yours - and that consideration alone is what prompted you to vote for her - then you certainly voted right! 

You will have voted according to your own standards and I salute you.

I'm a conservative Patriot whose political beliefs and whose vision for the country were far closer to those of Donald Trump's so I voted for him.




Organized Crime in Cuba - Stratfor Worldview

Organized Crime in Cuba - Stratfor Worldview

Friday, September 15, 2017

POLL: Rate Melania Trump

POLL: Rate Melania Trump

"POLL: Rate Melania Trump". 2017. Conservative Institute. Accessed September 15 2017.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Voice of the Martyrs: Solitary Prayer

The Voice of the Martyrs: Solitary Prayer

Tortured for Christ - Trailer #2 from  The Voice of the Martyrs on Vimeo.

The Blogger's Response:

The above deals with a certain pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, who was kidnapped in 1948, shortly after the Russians imposed Anna Pauker as the Romanian dictator over the people, and brutalized in Romania. His family, especially his wife, the same suffered his fate.

It still goes on. 

Such Communist brutality continues. Want to know where?

Okay, I'll tell you.
Of course, it's been going on for decades in North Korea, several Middle East nations such as Syria, Red China, Vietnam, Cuba of course, and . . .

How about today's Venezuela with the regime of Nicolas Maduro?

It was famous for being a democratic nation. No more though.

"The Venezuelan Government Is Torturing Political Prisoners". 2017. 

"The Venezuelan Government Is Torturing Political Prisoners". 2017. Warisboring.Com. Accessed September 15, 2017.

Under the Nicolas Maduro presidency, a building that was originally intended to be a subway station and offices in Plaza Venezuela was converted into the headquarters for SEBIN.[11][12] Dubbed as "La Tumba" or "The Tomb" by Venezuelan officials, political prisoners are allegedly held five-stories underground in inhumane conditions at below freezing temperatures and with no ventilation, sanitation or daylight.[13][14][15] The cells are two by three meters that have a cement bed, security cameras and barred doors, with each cell aligned next to one another so there are no interactions between prisoners.[12] Such conditions have caused prisoners to become very ill though they are denied medical treatment.[15] Allegations of torture in "The Tomb", specifically white torture, are also common, with some prisoners attempting to commit suicide.[12][13][14] Such conditions according to NGO Justice and Process are to force prisoners to plead guilty to crimes they are accused of.[12]

Current Events: Contemplating the Potential American- North Korean Nuclear Conflict

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trump's Detractors Are Wishing For Irma To Hit Mar-A-Lago On Social Media

Trump's Detractors Are Wishing For Irma To Hit Mar-A-Lago On Social Media

Blogger's Tak

From the time that Trump began to own and operate that Florida resort, it's been making him money. 

Moreover, as real estate itself has value, don't you think that Trump took the time to get that property insured with the best deal he could buy?

Moreover, let's assume that then that Irma destroys that property like a lot of these Trump haters wish for.

How well did you think he got that property equipped for, in advance, to be able to withstand most types of damage that a storm like this Irma could cause it? 

How much protection did you get for your own property? How much protection were you able to get for it?

Isn't your plate full enough as it is, that you're now thinking of Donald Trump's plate?

Do you think that Trump is as vulnerable to natural disasters as you are?

Since that resort is a money-making instrument, he can deduct from his restoration expenses when he files his taxes. 

Moreover, during the period he paid premiums on that insurance for that property, don't you think he was able to deduct those premiums as the cost of doing business from his taxes?

Now, those people who wish Trump ill - how good a deal did you get in buying the insurance for your own homes? 

How well are your own homes protected? Shouldn't you be concerned enough with your own stuff, your own business? 

Believe me, Mr. Trump has enough resources available to him and the manpower to see to it that this storm will do as little damage to his investments as possible. '

He certainly can afford to take far greater measures to secure his stuff than most of us can take to secure our stuff.

Now, . . .

When I was a teenager, my mom told a story about begrudging other people you don't like.

It goes like this: In Cuba, when Fidel Castro entered in victory in Havana - there had been a number of people with aristocratic titles and with big money.

They opposed the Revolution and when Fidel came in, they split with whatever wealth they were able to take with them. 

Unfortunately, a good deal of them lost real estate holdings like mansions, country homes, etc.

Some stayed on while they could and then when they realized that because of their social class positioning, they had better leave and so they left and took whatever they could with them.

It was in the early phase that many who had been on the other side, those who were of the lower social-economic classes and resented the superior positions and wished for them evil tidings. Jealousy and envy are terrible advisors!

You see, if we curse those who've hurt us then we put ourselves in danger of Christ's judgment. Jesus said in Matthew 5:22  "But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. 1

1   "Can Someone Place A Curse On Me For Bad Things To Happen?". 2017. Crosswalk.Com. Accessed September 9, 2017.

Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell."  2

2  Ibid

There was one anecdote in particular that makes this issue particularly striking.

A certain older woman who had been envious of a neighboring aristocratic 
Marquesa now cheered that the Marquesa would have to settle for eating rice and black beans instead of imported delicacies.

She now was chatting with someone who did not share nor care for this woman's spiteful attitude.

She said, "Now that the Revolution has triumphed and that we are all equal, the 
Marquesa will have to settle for eating the same plate of black beans and rice like the rest of us little people.

Her conversational sparring partner then came up with a response that shook this older lady to her core.

"Yes, the 
Marquesa will now be reduced to settling for eating that plebeian dish of rice and black beans. 

She will no longer be in such a great position to choose her cuisine now that the Revolution has triumphed - not if she's going to choose to stay here in Revolutionary Cuba. 

But think for a minute, my lady friend.

Where does that put you? She was eating the finest imported foods while you were settling for what she's now going to be forced to settle for. 

But now that she's reduced to the level that us common people were at before the revolution won - what will you then be eating if she's now where you were at before? You will be eating crap!

And if she decides that this country, Cuba, is not for her now with the revolutionary regime in power, she's still able to get on a jet plane and scram. She can leave. 

She knows she'll lose the real estate property that is hers still if she leaves and that poor people will occupy those lands and buildings. 

But she won't be around to see it because she'll be in another country and live a lifestyle way above the lifestyle you'll have to settle for if you decide to stay here.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Bill Whittle & D'Souza eviscerate Democrats for inciting hate and bigotry

Blogger's Response:


The Devil is after all the Father of Lies 

And I'm seeing leftist Americans resorting to deceit in order to demonize Trump. It seems to be our job, the job of us conservatives, to make all these leftists be pushed into their own traps, ensnared in their own nets for trapping.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Daily History Supplement - @3rdReichHistory

Daily History Supplement - @3rdReichHistory

From The Meaning of Hitler, by Sebastian Haffner(****): Hitlerism has at least one thing in common with Marxism – the claim to be able to explain the whole of world history from one single point of view. 'The history of all society so far is a history of class struggles', we read in the Communist Manifesto, and analogously in Hitler, 'All events in world history are merely the manifestation of the self-preservation drive of the races'. Such sentences have considerable emotive power. Anyone reading them has the feeling of suddenly seeing the light; what had been confused becomes simple, what had been difficult becomes easy. To those who will accept them such statements give an agreeable sense of enlightenment and knowledge, and they moreover arouse a certain furious impatience with those who do not accept them, since in all such words of command there is a ring of ' . . . and anything else is a lie'. This mixture of swaggering superiority and intolerance is found equally among convinced Marxists and convinced Hitlerites.

  • O'Loepp, Wally. 2017. "Daily History Supplement - @3Rdreichhistory". Wmndg.Tripod.Com. Accessed September 2 2017.