Saturday, February 4, 2017

We got to delegitimize the media to discourage fake news.

How to Teach the Mainstream Media How to be Honest

" The communists teach that all is right which advances the cause of socialism."  1

"All is wrong which impedes its progress."  2

" For the communist, to lie, cheat, steal, or murder, is perfectly moral if it advances communism."  3

" Conversely, a communist who would refuse to lie, cheat, steal or murder to aid the socialist movement is immoral." 4

"In the words of Lenin: " We do not believe in eternal morality- our morality is entirely subordinated to the interests of the class struggle." "  5


2 - 5  Ibid

Based upon the quoted material cited above,  I say that for fake news generators and journalists to lie, cheat,  or whatever -- is perfectly moral if it advances whatever is their creed and damages conservatism.

The formula for discouraging fake news may not be easy but it's simple. Treat all mainstream media outlets like that pipsqueak who cried wolf one time too many.

Too Many Lies - Enough Already

We finally got to the point that we allowed the mainstream media too many bites of our apples.

Solution Time

So we disregard their claims, their headlines, their everything

If they want us to pay attention to them, let's make them earn our trust again. We're discouraging fake news the hard way. They did the wrong thing now they're liars and we won't believe even when they're telling the truth.

So everything that comes out of them gets treated like a lie made to appear like the truth. It's still a lie because it's coming out of the mouth of professional liars.

 That's it. That's how we'll discourage fake news.

 Any questions?

I got one, a  question.  Here goes....

What do we do about it if they don't learn our lesson?

Answer: We Apply Solution B.  

Whazzzz that?

Let me give you the kind of analogy that will apply. Listen to me. Listen to me real good. 

The last time I went to the primary, he told me I'm prediabetic.  It's the last call warning before the Big D hits.

Here's what happens.

I took the blood tests at the lab. He got the results from the lab that tested me.

"You're prediabetic." That was his warning, his last call warning for me to get my health act together before disaster hits.

If I behave good with my mouth and watch what I eat, the diabetic threat reverses itself. The threat of my getting diabetes goes into remission like cancer going into remission.  I'll be out of the woods.

If I screw up this last call opportunity to chase away diabetes and keep doing whatever I want whenever I eat or drink something.

Then the diabetes sets in. Once it's in, it's game over for keeps, for life.  That means I got to monitor it, test it, get deprived of all the stuff I love to eat and drink. Bad, Bad, Bad.

Our response to the dishonest media's use of fake news is going to be like that diabetic threat.

If they use fake news, we treat like like the kid who called wolf and we caught them in it.  Now we distrust them.

Now they got to start behaving right when they release news out there.  This probationary period is called the prediabetes stage.

They behave right again, and we can trust the news again, but carefully. We trust the news carefully. We'll have the news on probation now.

If they keep misbehaving, then the distrust escalates. That's full-fledged diabetes that didn't go into remission because the prediabetic didn't act on the warning.


We'll have to build a whole counter media, our own.

Fact checking is not enough. Once their news is out there, the damage is done.

Not good enough for us

We got to have our own news system.  Everything they have already, we'll have too. We'll define ourselves, our visions, our messages, etc.

And our news system will define them too.  Yeah. They dared to define us through their perspective. Now we'll do the same to them.

And who will believe who?

We'll leave up to the people what and who they will believe from now on once our counter media is up and running.

We got to give these leftwing liars a good, hard, stinging taste of our whips.

Let's make them pay.

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