Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump Ain't as Unpopular as CNN would Have You Believe

That's what those big shot media outlets say about Trump's unpopularity today. I seen and heard so much fake news since the campaign began that I got fake news coming out of my eyeballs and ears.  It's even clogging my nostrils.

They've screwed up so much, so many times.  I don't believe them.

I also got good reason to doubt these ass clowns with what they're saying about Trump and the polls. If it were up to  the polls, it would be the end of Hillary's second week as the prez instead of Trump.

You want some evidence?  I mean, who am I to say he's more popular than what these newspapers and journals say?

Okay, fine.  I came prepared for this.

Let's start with El Politico.  That media isn't in Trump's corner.  Maybe Fox News is and maybe is and Breitbart News sure is in Trump's corner.

Okay, let me pull out the goods and put them out in front of you then.

The Politico has a better reputation than those three that did the poll that showed up on the Google page.

You believe whosoever you please. I believe the Politico a whole lot more than CNN. Those guys have absolutely no credibility with me at all.


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